A Day in the Life



Growing up I had the typical photographs of each grade in school, and a few birthday pictures, but nothing of what daily life was like in my family. This is what led to the idea of "A Day in the Life" I want to tell the story of a typical day or evening  in your home with your family. I believe these images will be looked back upon fondly and give more of an idea of what life was like today, tomorrow.


"Day in the life" picture stories always got my interest.  I remember growing up and looking through the Life books with the stories of American families on Christmas mornings. I loved how the photographer was able to get the "behind the scene" images of a typical family. They would establish trust and then would become invisible. I believe this is the key to the best photography in the world, not being noticed or even a concern to the subjects.




This is my favorite photo session that we offer. My heart and passion is in the portrayal of your family story. I respect the opportunity to work with you and your family for this unique idea.






  This is a great way to obtain a unique perspective of your family and to learn about who you are.  You will see your daily family life pictorially and will cherish the album for years to come.



  I will create beautiful story-esque imagery of your family. Things I look for are the kids doing homework at the kitchen table, the one video game they are allowed to play, playing in the yard, dinner being made, dinner being enjoyed, bedtime routine and any other activity as individuals or together.  



 On the night of our shoot I will arrive depending on the schedule between four or five and stay until around nine. I will begin making your family comfortable with my presence and then I can blend in. Once this happens  (and it always does), then the magic will start.  It's as if I am not even there.  First it's the strangeness of a photographer in the house, then the acting for the photographer, to finally the "he's no longer fun anymore" phase. This is when I can capture beautiful stories.  I do not orchestrate the events and I allow the household to be as if I am not there.