FAQ- These are the most common questions I get.  If you have a question please contact me!                                                      


Why is the photography at your wedding so important?


Many couples spend lots of time and energy in finding the right venue and reception hall for the wedding.  Couples are concerned with the menu, the DJ, the number of guests etc.  Yes, these things are important, but they do not last.  The one thing that does make it through the years are your pictures.  Your wedding photography is often overlooked as "not that important".  Or these days many couples feel that "my friends and family will take pictures with their phones"!  There is a huge difference between your friends phone and a dedicated professional who does this for a living.  After the wedding and fantastic reception you return from the honeymoon, and you are excited to re-live your wedding through your pictures.  If you chose wisely, you will feel like you are there again.  Every time you look at your pictures you will remember the day that started your union.  These pictures will be with you when the reception, and the last piece of wedding cake is served...it's the one thing that lasts.



Where are your prices?

Contact me and I will send them right out to you.  Packages starting at $2799.  I also can provide a custom quote.  



What is an engagement session? 

An engagement session is a portrait photo session with you and your partner.  It's a  great way to warm up to the camera so that you're relaxed with it on your wedding day.  I will photograph candid and posed images.  The location is up to you.  Some places I have worked: urban centers, piers, beaches, old mansions, first date restaurants, parks.  Use your imagination and pick a great spot.  The images are delivered within one week ( 10 days if we use film) and uploaded to your gallery.  This is meant to be a fun light experience so don't worry to much about it.  It helps us build rapport for the wedding day.



Can you describe your style/How do you photograph?


Decisive, gentle (un-obtrusive), pictorial.  The images have a "still life" quality to them.  I am aware- I know what is happening all around me, especially those short magical moments.  My intention is to be following what is happening all around, and to have situational awareness.  This way I can be there "waiting" before chance candid moments happen.



Do I really need you there in the morning? 


It's up to you.  We can put your time towards the beginning of the day or the end. Or we can come the night before and cover the rehearsal and following dinner. 



Can I print my own photos?


Yes, I will give you a written release so that you can have your photos printed anywhere you like.




Are the images on the Flash Drive full resolution? 


Yes. I give you a flash drive with all of the full resolution edited, images with a print release, included are both the digital images and film images.



Do you carry a backup camera in case something goes wrong? 


Absolutely!  I carry at least three cameras with me to every wedding.  I have backup flashes, lenses, and batteries.


My event location requires my photographer to have liability insurance, do you have this?


Yes, I have complete coverage.  I can even add your location to my policy for the specific date just to be sure.  Many times a location will ask to see a copy of my coverage.  It is not a problem when they see my policy and especially when they see their location added to it!


Will you shoot film at my wedding?


Yes!  Honestly I can't wait to shoot film at your wedding! The look and mood of film is unbeatable.  I will shoot color and monochrome medium format professional Kodak portrait film, and 35mm black and white films. I will cover the cost of the processing/scanning because I know you'll love the way your photographs look. I send out the film carefully packaged with tracking. The film gets processed and scanned.  I download the images and edit them if necessary.  The film images rarely need anything done to them!  Check out my "Why Film" page.


Can you photograph my entire wedding with film?


Yes!  I would love too. Please see info on my pricing page. If you are interested in having this look for your entire wedding please email me immediately and we will discuss details!


How long will it take to get my photos back? 


Two weeks, that's it.  I want you to have your images soon.  I know what it's like to be waiting for your pictures (waiting on film processing!)  I work very hard to return your images to you within the time period.  Even during peak season you will have your images returned within a few weeks.  After each wedding I work everyday during the week in my studio editing the images.  Remember this is my job, and I work everyday!



Do I get all of the images, even the unedited ones?  


I get this question a lot.  We edit out the images that have no significance.  Closed eyes, un-flattering expressions, etc. Sometimes I will do an "outtakes" folder if we have enough images for it.  We edit the collection to be a cohesive body of work.


Do you edit all of the images?  


Yes! I go through and cull the entire collection.  Then I take this set and edit for tone, color, and sharpness.  I want each and every one of your images to be solid stand alone images.  I want you to be able to print large any image and know that it has been professionally edited and will look great.


Can you walk me through a typical wedding day?


A full day usually begins with the "getting ready" segment.  I will come to the bride and photograph her and the bridesmaids getting hair and makeup done.  Then I'll head on over to the guys and photograph them hanging out and getting ready.  Then I go back to the bride to be there after she gets into her dress.  From there we go to the venue.  Sometimes I will ride along in the limo, trolley, etc.  After the ceremony we take a few formals of family (if that's what the couple wants) at the location.  Then I will take the bridal party to a close by location to do their shoot.  We will do a few formals (if that's what the couple wants) then some candids.  This is a great time and everyone has fun!

After the bridal party shoot is complete, I will take the couple alone for their shoot.  This is their time to be together alone for the first time.   It's perfect since the intimacy is there and I can photograph it naturally.  I let the couple have some time together.  I photograph them candidly and looking at the camera.  We can go to a different location if they chose.  

Then they're off to the cocktail hour.  I work efficiently enough so the couple has some time with their guests. Then bridal party introduction and the reception begins.   During the reception I will go to each table to photograph the guests.  I don't photograph while people are eating, this is my time to have a break and catch my breath!

  I photograph all of the dancing and fun that happens at wedding receptions.  I photograph to the end of your chosen time.  I go home and many times look at the images that night!


What is the rehearsal and dinner? 


This is where you, your bridal party, and your family do a walk through of the wedding ceremony.  I like being there for this so I know exactly where to be the next day.  Afterwards, couples usually have an informal dinner.  I go to this as well.  It's a great way to let your guests see how I work and what to expect having a photographer there.  


How long have you been doing this?


I have been practicing photography since I was 13.  I began shooting professionally with the West Virginia State Legislature in 2001.  Since then I have worked for different publications in Florida and New York.  I have shot sports, weddings, travel, and commercial.  I absolutley love photography.  It is my passion.  Everyday I am involved in it.  I am constantly learning and trying different things.  This is my full time job, this is what I do everyday to support my family of three kids!


Do you have a travel fee? 


If the wedding is within 60 miles from Ithaca NY, then there is no travel fee. Further than this there is .70 a mile fee.  This will cover fuel, eating, and travel time.  If you are looking for a destination photographer send me an email with the details.  I love travelling.  Last summer I had a wedding near San Francisco!


Do you have a referral program?


Yes! Anyone that you send our way that books with us, you will receive $100.  There is also a lifetime %15 off additional photography (maternity, family pictures, kids, etc) for each couple.


How can I put your services on my wedding registry?


Yes, this is great because it can help spread out the investment to others that want to help you with your wedding.  We accept credit cards, checks, and paypal.  We will accept any amount toward the balance.